The Story So Far...

It all started on a dark and stormy night in the small lumber town of Millhelm. The heavy rain battering the Cedar Block Inn where our unsuspecting adventurers sought shelter from the bleak and weary night. Each bore with them a unique purpose behind their visit to the now damp and muddy streets of this lonely settlement. Some sought answers to forgotten questions, some sought peace from their past, and others sought the secrets of their future.

Most of them were strangers to this place, all of them were strangers to each other. But on that night the fates did seem to conspire as their life threads were spun together at that secluded wooden table in the back of the tavern.
And with a crashing of thunder and lightning, a single piercing scream was heard through the pounding of the night rain as they each rose to meet blades in night…

And so the adventure began…

After defeating Bearden’s Gang which attempted to burn the Sanctum of Tyr in Millhelm and rescuing the hermit Gyleonn, the adventurers made their way east in search of answers for these attacks on the temple.

Heading through the town of Pinefrost and learning of the Orcish raids against travelers, the group eventually found themselves allying with a Lizardfolk tribe in the Uscal Forest and attacking the powerful Orc Chief Krugma Rockmane and his growing clan.

However, the destruction of Krugma and his clan only brought more questions as to who was pulling the strings behind these attacks and why.

The adventurers, stalled in their pursuit, returned to Millhelm where the Paladin of Tyr, Ricnan Carter swore his oath and accepted an invitation to participate as the champion of the Commonwealth of Socaea in the Cemmurean Illumination Festival.

Arriving in Cemmuria for the festival, the adventurers were met by a Wood Elf by the name of Tarathiel Galanodel. As members of the party took in the festivities of the celebration, a plot to kill the champion Ricnan Carter was slowly uncovered by Tarathiel who ran to warn the adventurers of the present danger. As the party jumped the edge of the coliseum a battle ensued between the adventurers and the enchanted armor which was meant to kill the Paladin of Tyr.

The adventurers were quickly apprehended by the elite guard of the Cemmurean Imperium known as the Slate Mantles and were dragged away for questioning at the Black Heart Prison. During questioning it was discovered that Ree Duskhelm, the same mage who set the magical trap for Ricnan, also stole a powerful artifact known as the Tempest Torc from the Oghma Infinium and escaped the city unhindered.

Being released by the Slate Mantles to pursue Duskhelm and retrieve the Tempest Torc, the group made their way to the Moon Elf city of Brindell where they found allies in Sea Captain Mirthal and the Sea Warden Embra Tarash. There they made battle with the Sea Warden Nefellius and his crew as Nefellius sought to use the powers of the Tempest Torc. Eventually the battle became dire as an ancient sea creature of legend known as the Huna Kai attacked the ship, sundering it and killing most of its crew before both Nefellius and the Tempest Torc were thrown into the creature’s gaping maw by Rholin who narrowly escaped the creatures jaws. As the Huna Kai returned to the ocean depths with Nefellius and the Tempest Torc the adventurers escaped the sinking ship with what they could before being recovered by Mirthal’s crew.

Returning to shore with the knowledge of the Tempest Torc’s loss and the betrayal of the Sea Warden Nefellius and his captains, the party made their way back to Cemmuria where they were dismissed by the Slate Mantles and then made their way back east, stopping briefly in the small wine town of Denwick. There they encountered the undead Revenant of the late winemaker Esmund. Eventually discovering the crimes committed against Esmund, the vengeful spirit was allowed to find solace in the death of his murderers before having his spirit fade to the afterlife.

Continuing on their journey they returned to Millhelm where Ricnan was asked to return to his duties at the Sanctum of Tyr and left the party. As the rest of the party made their way east they came upon an older couple who were being held up by bandits along the road. The group approached, seeking to end the situation as a bard by the name of Diero joined the group in the fray. After all agreeing to assist the elderly couple in clearing out the strange creatures that attacked from their cottage basement, the adventurers began delving into a deep underground tunnel running far beneath the woodland cottage. Eventually discovering a decimated Kobold camp and the presence of an unnaturally intelligent arachnid called Cicerax and its nest which the group escaped from before sealing the tunnel behind them.

Seeking to leave the spider problem behind them, the group made an agreement with the traveling merchant Riro Tervorr to collect magical items from the abandoned estate known as Hethare which he would pay for. Finding the manor the group quickly revealed the undead nature surrounding it. After discovering the remains of a strange ritual, the group hastily made a narrow escape as the dead gathered around the manor in search of the party.

Recovering what they could from the manor, the group found Riro in the Dwarven fort town of Grighorm which was being assailed by Hobgoblin scouts. Being hired out by the local military commander and thane Yostik Copperchest, the adventurers set out, breaking the main Hobgoblin encampment and killing their captain.

As the Dwarven army was eventually deployed, securing the roadway from further harassment, the group began traveling towards Kobari in the company of Riro and the quickly revealed Eric Bussler who was collecting information on the groups activities and their identities before he managed to escape with the help of an unknown mage.

Completing the rest of their journey to Kobari, the adventurers discovered the ongoing issue with the Yuan-ti who would sneak into the city and assault the populace. After attending dinner with the Vezir of Saltbreak, Belsha Nazuu, the group found firsthand the threat facing the city as Starfall Market was attacked and the group’s rogue, Tarathiel, was captured and nearly taken into a forgotten tunnel network beneath Kobari. Pursuing these tunnels eventually revealed a passage leading outside of the city walls. The group informed a Master of the Circle, Revaz Akhal, and High Seeker of the the Sentir, Daryan Mazdak, about the tunnel and in turn the group was asked to pursue the trail in search of the abducted citizens.

From there, the adventurers followed the tunnels outside of the city walls before they caught the trail and began their search into the Open Wastes…


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